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PBXww™ is a fully-featured, cloud-based virtual phone system that allows you to free yourself from the limitations of traditional telephony and become seamless and globally connected. There is no equipment to purchase, maintain or upgrade and all functions as IVR, ACD and call forwarding to Skype and GoogleVoice are included. Our pricing is simple, we charge only for the connecting numbers and outbound calls.

Pricing from EUR 5 for a local number plus EUR 3 for all PBX and Phone features


We offer phone numbers in 120 countries, in more then 8.000 cities. We offer Toll-Free, Premium rate, National and Geographical numbers. So when you need a new office number in Stockholm, New York, Amsterdam or London for example you can rent this online for € 5 monthly.

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With our graphical designer building your configuration is easy to do with clicking blocks. You can setup a welcome IVR with open and close message, route calls to your mobile, your office or VOIP phone. Also you can easily setup a conference or voicemail system.

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You can route all calls to your existing phone system, your mobile phones using our APPS, or your VOIP phones. We don’t offer phones ourselves but we gladly share our favorites list with you as well as (vendor) information on how to setup. When you need help please call or email our supportdesk

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Our simple price plan

For most of our phone numbers you pay a monthly rent of € 5. Toll-Free and Premium rate numbers are mostly € 10 and for some countries we have to charge a higher price. There are no additional costs for the use building blocks or phone connections. So when you need an office number in Stockholm, New York, Amsterdam and London and you have a local welcome message on each number, while arranging to route a call to four phones the total setup price is € 20 and € 20 as monthly fee.

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